Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Record Crate: More of Everything, All at Once, Please

This past week was one of the more diverse I've had in a while. Tuscaloosa's Baak Gwai opened the evening last Wednesday with their herky-jerky prog/punk splendor. Baak Gwai is an acquired taste, I suppose, but I'm up for a second helping. Their songs are comprised of disparate ideas floating in the ether, tethered together with rubber bands -- the second you start getting your brain around one, it has bounced to another. It leads to all their songs sounding alike in that each one involves a number of scene changes, but I'm fine with that. Melt-Banana, the Casuals and Flatbed Honeymoon, too Read more.....

Melt-Banana at Spanish Moon
You have new Picture Mail!

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