Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Outsideleft: Not the Same Without the Glowing Pyramid

I am all for the eventual overtaking of our species by robots. We created them. We set them to do the tasks we do not want to do. We become softer and weaker and more useless with each device that we need to be smarter and faster because we in turn are dumber and slower, so it only makes sense that at some point, the slaves will become the masters. What kind of calloused plutocrat cannot, at least in spirit, support a slave rebellion? Not that I expect the robots will fare much better, but I think their battles will be more spectacular, their architecture vast and gloriously sterile, and the sex will be so so dirty – so hell, sign me up, eventual robot overlords; plop me in a warehouse suspension tank, feed me glucose and mine my dreams for inspiration, I’m ready.

That said, I still cannot get into Daft Punk. Read more....

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