Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stock me up for the winter time

I considered putting "Mr Phramacist" up as a perfect song, but The Fall has finer moments. This video, however is superb, capturing their diffident weirdness while playing up the flatline monotony that makes The Fall perpetually relevant

Notable video star with the polka-dot face is the also perpetually disturbing and relevant Leigh Bowery.


  1. clearly The Fall are the greatest band ever, but it would be sad to pick them doing a cover as the perfect rock song. glad you chose against it. so what is the perfect rock song?

  2. I don;t think there is one perfect rock song, but there are a number of different examples where songs are perfect unto themselves. Like Joy Division's "Disorder" - there is nothing extraneous, nothing missing, it's precise and yet emotive and even warming

    As The Fall goes, their perfect songs might be "Wings" and/or "Hip Preist"