Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Musical Abecedary of Self-Aggrandizing, Nerd-Macho Posturing in Appreciative Return for Another's Help

My boy Jimmy is perpetually handy in helping me sort out some knucklehead coding issue that would otherwise plague me for hours, and I am his hook-up for new music, so here is an ad-hoc abecedary of music suggestions from our chat this morning:

10:32 AM me: that did it
in return I will turn you on to the following:
10:33 AM Akron/Family - wild wooly contemprary psychedlic hippie rock
jimmy: awesome. I'll check em out
Good trade
me: in fact hold on, I'm going to go alphabetically until I run out ideas
jimmy: cool
10:34 AM me: Blitzen Trapper - Portland all consumptive rock, like having the best tape case dropped into a BLENDER AND MADE INTO A SMOOTHIE
jimmy: mmm. smoothie
i'm digging this akron family
10:35 AM me: Caribou - brilliant techno-inspired pop that uses live drummer and is refreshing as running through a sprinkler
jimmy: it's like a bunch of hippies ran into a bunch of aboriginees and started playing music
me: The Drones - gothic australian desert rock that makes Nick cave seem like a sundy school teacher
10:36 AM jimmy: i've actually heard this blitzen trapper "Crazy On You" cover before. Good stuff
Do they have a Gothic Australian Desert Rock section at Best Buy yet?
me: Electrlane - female harmonie over driving exquiste poer pop, reduced to its essence
10:37 AM Fela - get anything y Fela, and there is a ton of it but its all goot, esp the album Expensive Shit
jimmy: the electrelane girls are hot
10:38 AM me: Grinderman - nick Caves new sorta garage band
jimmy: Nick Cave is everywhere.
me: Hawkwind - get one of the live Space Ritual albums, lemmy from motorhead was his bass player
Isis - like Tool but more better-er
jimmy: whoa...loving this electrelane
10:39 AM me: Jesu - like Isis but more better-er-er
jimmy: would have to get a lot better than tool for me to be into it, but cool
i'll start with Jesu
there's something cool about a sexy sounding girl mumbling in French over a drum machine
me: King Kong - totally stupid music but comletely infectious
jimmy: awesome
10:40 AM me: LCD Soundsystem - hip girls in shiny short dresses will want to bed you for listening to them
The melvins - useful in driving said girl out of your apartment/car
10:41 AM jimmy: hahahaha
you crack me up man
me: Neutral Milk Hotel - In teh aeroplane under the sea - defintive record of the last 20 years i think
Of Montreal - less defintiive but more fun
10:42 AM jimmy: i'm already digging the Neutral Milk Hotel
Yahoo has been forcing them on me for a month or so now
digging the LCD Soundsystem a lot also
I also have a bus and a trailer at my house
me: Papa M - Live at teh Shark cage - best instrumental rock album ever
10:43 AM Q, the best I can do is Queensryche which I have been threatening to listen to and reassess
jimmy: hmm
me: so maybe you can do that for me so I don;t have to
jimmy: Q is a tough one
don't wanna!
10:44 AM me: r.l. burnside - Mr Wizard - since everyone needs more miss. mountain blues in their live
jimmy: I don't think there are any hidden gems in the queensryche repertoire
me: Sea and Cake - if you ever have to go shopping again, this will get you through it
10:45 AM jimmy: nice. this LCD Soundsystem dude is playing bottles
me: Television - marquee Moon - classic crucial album I'm gues you've never heard
jimmy: I bet his house is awesome. It has robots, PAs, busses, trailers, freaks, etc.
never even heard of them
10:46 AM me: Ulver (hahahaha) just do it dood, it's awesome
Vetiver - wispy angelic folk with more sex appeal than Iron and Wine
10:47 AM jimmy: awesome
so far ulver sounds like someone running through a wind chime store
me: the way high men - local sleeze rock band I think you'd like
jimmy: hahaha
I love them for their name alone
me: wait until Ulver starts destroying said store with viking death rays
10:48 AM jimmy: hahaha
ok...this is weird as hell
and awesome
me: X - you ever listen to X? "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline"
jimmy: it reminds me of that "Shout, Shout, let it all out" song
hmm...never heard of them either
10:49 AM me: Yo La tengo - Electro-Pura, another crucial record
jimmy: love me some Yo La Tengo
me: finally The Zincs - erudite, snotty, perfect pop music
jimmy: haha
10:50 AM awesome. the fact that you can do that makes you the worlds foremost music nerd
me: I am king of all I survey


  1. Seriously, this list is like A-Z awesomeness. I'm listening to "Daft Punk is Playing in my House" by LCD Soundsystem for about the 5th time now, and I'm loving it more and more.

    I'm all for trading some nerdy code knowledge for some nerdy music knowledge. C# algorithms never improved anyone's mood as much as this stuff has helped mine though.

  2. One more thing. Now I'm listening to Electrelane, and just heard their cover of "I'm on Fire". I say it's 100 times better than the original. When "The Boss" said it, I had a hard time buying it. When these girls say they're on fire, I could believe it either literally or figuratively.