Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nope. Not obsessed at all. Not with geodesic domes anyway.

This one came out pretty good, and the pattern works for inscribing text thereupon. At first I thought it was too complicated to build but is easier than it seems. But yes, I totally have a brain filled with interlocking triangles and the Divine Hum of ARCHITECTURE!

Somebody showed me a picture of a giant one on the outskirts of town that was used as a traincar repair facility. It's a Superfund site, and this guy told me he talked the guard into letting him peek in. It was up for sale once for $300K, but being a Superfund site, that means it is where they dump alien DNA mixed with asbestos. If something is so noxious that they need to hide it away in Louisiana, it is pretty bad. We have spectacular green sunsets every now and then thanks to the petro-chemical industry.

Here is the google maps image. Click on it to see the interactive map

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