Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dr. Feelgood

I finally broke down and went to the clinic and lo, Dr. Feelgood has left his tony private practice tending to athletes and Rod Stewart and is now rolling with the no-insurance/I-needa-physical set. He hooked me up with a GIANT bottle of Hydrocodone. All I need is some peach soda and I am on my way to nasal health South Houston stylee!

And as I was sitting in my own sufferable stew in the exam room he asked, "You want a steroid shot?" Er, lessee, how would Lil Jon respond? YEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHYAAAA

For the first time in two weeks, I feel awesome. A congested version of awesome, but awesome nonetheless. I came home and swept the house, ate lunch and then Maya and I made a volcano and a sunflower out of clay. Now I should probably watch El Topo and then go start my own religious cult. Paint that Ragnarök mural on the back of the house like I've been wanting to do. Make a relative link out of every word in this post.

Do the important work that needs to be done!

Or maybe I'll just watch this over and over again: (Mandelbrot set the size of the known universe)

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  1. Oh man, I once spent the better part of two season taking Hycodan every night for--honestly--a cough that would never leave. I started to feel like Coleridge.