Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Muffin

A while back, Maya and I were at the coffee shop and we forgot to bring cards with us, so I taught her how to play rock, paper, scissors but Maya kept adding new variants. Basically any vague shape one can make with ones hand is fair game, and its ability to beat something else is highly subjective and often cause for a debate. It is a vast improvement on the game, frankly:

ShapeHand GestureRelative Fighting Skills
Rocka tight fistBeats scissors by smashing, is defeated by being covered by paper
Papera flat handTrounced by scissors, but vanquishes rock
Scissors horizontal "V " signObliterates paper, is smashed by rock
Bowling Balltwo hands making a "hold a ball" shape accompanied by thunder noisesWorks like rock, only much better. Nuetered by Blanket
Blankethand with finger spread outCan oddly vanquish just about anything
Octopus wiggly fingers grabbing opponent's handThis is a judgment call each time, since you can't squash an octopus, but sharp things cut right through it
Muffinfingers making an umbrella shape Everything beats muffin
Dinosaurhands up followed by a roar Usually played as a comical win, espcially against...
Baby Antfinger making a pinch shapeComical loss, except against muffin, since a baby ant can pick off a piece of muffin and carry it back to the hill.
Zombiefinger walking in exaggerated mannerCan defeat anything with a brain. Steps on muffin.


  1. Isobel adds a crayon. One finger pointing. Writes on paper, is smashed by rock. When scissors meet crayon, we have to stop playing for a while because she usually gets frustrated and no suggestion from me however well intentioned or gentle is helpful.

  2. check this out, have excedrin handy

  3. Wow! is this what they do in those tournaments? I thought they just did regular rock paper scissors and it was a Bud Bowl style joke that had gone horribly awry.

  4. I love this new twist! I particularly like jellyfish and muffin.