Friday, August 24, 2007

Look Out , Honey, I'm Usin' Technology!

Dig this awesome OG digital projector I got to use for a presentation this morning. All the good projectors were spoken for, so I got this Cylon technology wonder . So what if it can't handle "grey," when the cassette deck hydraulics are engaged to get the lens to extend out the top, you're not just presenting, you're representing. Also dig it's gigantic hard shell flight case sitting behind it. Not to get too sci-fi nerd about it, but the similarities between it and a number of sci-fi icons are undeniably disarming.


  1. awesome. I had an overhead projector once, but left it in my house in New Orleans because I didn't have space for it. Perhaps my overhead projector and your projector could meet and have smaller projectors.

  2. they couldn't possibly have bigger, or more cumbersome ones

  3. you're not just presenting, you're representing.

    that is funny.

    but for real? I have been out of the system for so long that the projector looks completely cutting-edge to me. I can't even imagine what the New Way is. do you just think of the image and everyone can see it?