Monday, May 24, 2010

The whole ocean

Image via Oxford American via Times-Picayune

Charles Wuorinen, On Alligators (2005, Rhapsody)

Charles Wuorinen's music is too much; it's like trying to listen to every bird in the park at once, Which is what I like about it and mostly don't like about it.

Charles Wuorinen, "On Alligators" (Rhapsody)

The above picture is of the oil at Grand Isle, LA, where I first saw the ocean all lazy and muddy and bad-tasting and how it could totally kill you if you let it and I've always liked the ocean since. I suppose it's not a rare thing to like, oceans, but why you wanna further ruin an already ruined place like Grand Isle. I mean, it wasn't much already but it's what we had. That and Port Fourchon, a place where, because of some structural anomaly, a person could surf.

We even had a surf shop in Houma growing up, where most of us bought OP shirts but the brave few obtained actual surfing supplies. Regrettably, I never went and now all I wanna do is surf on the Louisiana coast like a misguided, sunburned idiot and no, can't. Which would be one thing, poetic if it was just my little wants and whims dashed but the whole ocean is jacked over this. The whole ocean. From here to out there. I've avoided saying anything because what can I say? That's what you say when the darkness comes lapping at your feet.

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  1. I have a lot to say & hope I have time this week to write it all down. Love to you all.