Friday, May 21, 2010

Here's to jumping to the next line!

Fringe (Fox)
Lil' Ed (Williams) & the Blues Imperials, Rattlesnake
(2006, Rhapsody)
Magic Sam, Magic Blues (2006, Rhapsody)
J. B. Lenoir, One of these Mornings (2003, Rhapsody)
Various Artists, The Complete 10-Inch Series from Code Blue (compiled 2003, Rhapsody)

♫ Lil' Ed & the Imperials, "Icicles in my Meatloaf" (Rhapsody)
♫ Magic Sam, "Magic Blues" (Rhapsody)

J. B. Lenoir, "Alabama Song" and "The Whale" from Vim Wenders tribute to Martin Scorsese's "The Blues"

♫ Peter Garland, "Matachin Dances, Dance 2 (Live at New Music America, San Francisco)" (Rhapsody)
♫ Michael Jon Fink, "Track Veil for Two Pianos" (Rhapsody), both from the Code Blue compilation.

It took most of the day, a web search for "minimalist blues," a disappointing stroll through The Poems of Hart Crane at the library (I read something of his last week that sent a spark up my spine but nothing today) and the insight of Kyle Gann to get from Lil Ed's frozen meatloaf to the paralyzing, spectral melancholy of Michael Jon Fink, likely the same amount of time it took the climbing cypress to jump to the next line, as illustrated above.

Here's to jumping to the next line!

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