Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a literal bowl of cherries.

Steve Reich & Musicians, From the Kitchen Archives No. 2: Steve Reich & Musicians, Live 1977 (2005, Rhapsody)

Media announcements:
This week's column for for 225's The Record Crate blog urges my fellow Louisianans to take a good look at the good and the bad of the state of our state before we launch headstrong into the master embiggening effort that is Bayou Country Superfest this weekend.

Also, the "Best of the South" issue of the Oxford American is making its way to subscriber mailboxes and discerning consumer newsstands as I type, containing a story of mine of which I am openly proud. I'll most likely remind you about it again.

My life is a literal bowl of cherries, or was before I ate them for lunch. Actually, the cherries were in a bag and the bowl depicted above contained sliced tomatoes which I ate first and then was where I deposited the pits and stems, all while writing some memoir-ish things for a theoretical book and an actual chapter for my actual book, all the further while considering how deep you gotta go in the detail to get it right, further considering, like the young adult of the Clinton era that I was, what the real meaning of "it" and "right" are.

It all sounded a little like this while it was happening:

Steve Reich & Musicians, “Music for Pieces of Wood” (Rhapsody)

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