Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I might do anything.

The Fall, Perverted By Language (1983, Rhapsody)
Frog Eyes, Paul's Tomb: A Triumph (2010, Rhapsody)

Media announcement: I muse on the discrete, networked charms of the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana (pictured above) and make a subtle plea to my employers (or whoever) in this week's entry for the Record Crate blog at 225 Magazine. Also I just wrote what I think is a very good, very short creative nonfiction story, or the first draft of one. It might be speculative creative nonfiction, if that's a category. Yet. I might be at the forefront.

I also coined the term "data landlord" in a meeting this morning, referring to computer systems in which you lease space and keep information, hoping that they don't suddenly increase the rent, throw you out and keep your stuff, or in the case of Google, one day start sending a bill.

If you plugged my nerve net into the worst amp you have, I think it would sound like the riff in "Wings."

The Fall, "Wings"

This new Frog Eyes album is killer, virulent and inspiring. I might review it and the new Fall album together. I might do anything. You never know what I will do.

Here's the title cut, recorded live in the red, where the juiciest meat always is.

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