Monday, May 31, 2010

star power

Bayou Country Superfest 2010

Steve Reich, Triple Quartet (2005, Rhapsody)
The Masada String Trio, Book of Angels, Vol. 2: Azazel (2005, Rhapsody)

Media Announcements: I have a piece innocently titled "Ode to a Summer Afternoon" on page 78 of the shiny new issue of the Oxford American, just 12 pages before the piece by Sharon Stone. That Sharon Stone. Don't laugh, it's a good little piece, as is, I think, mine. The OA is one of the last great magazines, my occasional presence in it notwithstanding. They are the Martin Scorsese of lit rags, getting the goods out of whoever is in the cast.

Also, my conversation about the nature of jazz (as well as the nature of jazz listeners) with renowned bassist Bill Grimes in the latest Country Roads in conjunction with the Hot Summer Nights and Cool Jazz program at the LSU School of Music.

Maya and I went to the Bayou Country Superfest here in Tiger Stadium, along with 44,998 other people to bear witness to the pan-downhomeness of Keith Urban and the weapons-grade cute-onium of Taylor Swift. Maya swears she saw her girl Selena on the jumbotron. More on that forthcoming, but here's another pic.

Maya at Bayou Country Superfest

When not humming that cursed "But she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts" TSwift song, I am otherwise super locked-in to Steve Reich's Triple Quartet, particularly the Romantic, Middle-eastern-tinged second movement

♫ Steve Reich, Triple Quartet, Second Movement (Rhapsody)

as well as John Zorn's Masada songs as rendered by a crack string trio. They render it as string trio crack.

♫ The Masada Strings, "Symnay" (Rhapsody)

Speaking of star power, here is Sonic Youth in a rare acoustic moment doing one of their finest songs.

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