Thursday, May 27, 2010

action shots of writing

Steve Reich, Triple Quartet (2005, Rhapsody)
Terry Riley, Autodreamographical Tales (2010, Rhapsody)

I'm on a busy-busy minimalism jag today; Steve Reich might make the all-time greatest get-things-done music there is

Steve Reich & Musicians, “Tokyo/Vermont Counterpoint” (Rhapsody)

while this new Terry Riley joint is stop-the-presses weird, like a Robert Wyatt record gone loose-er.

Terry Riley, “The Miracle” (Rhapsody)

Earlier today I was interviewed for a student paper about a writing workshop I'm conducting in a couple a weeks, which was weird because I am usually on the other end of that process. I stayed true to interview subject form by missing the first appointed interview time and running late for the second. There is a very nice photographer taking "action shots" of me typing right as I type this. She wants action shots of writing. I highlighted some text for her.

I should have insisted they use one of the pics above, found while leafing through a book titled New Dimensions in Paper Craft (1969, Amazon).

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