Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey! You got peach cobbler on my rattlesnake!

Bobby Charles, Last Train to Memphis (2004, Rhapsody)
Sam Lipsyte, The Ask (2010, Farrar, Straus, & Giroux)

A Saturday of circles: 1) a Venetian Cuckoo's Nest from Strands, 2) one of the TV's in the control room at the CAMD Synchrotron monitoring a gauge. We go to the open house every year - Maya from 3 years ago is getting zapped by the Van Der Graaf generator on the event page. It's nice to be recognized at the local particle accelerator; they will be a useful ally when the shit goes down, and 3) a sugar free strawberry snowball at Fest For All.

Every year I celebrate festival season with some sort of fried food on a stick (usually gator), but I realized this year I might like the signage more than I do the food.

This sign below doesn't quite have the utilitarian charm of the usual food cart menus, but it ups the ante on street vendor weirdness. Hey! You got peach cobbler on my rattlesnake! Well, you got rattlesnake in my...

More pics and videos to come from the street festival/atom smasher* open house front as the day unfolds. Here is something from sweet old' Bobby Charles to tide you over until the next missive.

Bobby Charles, "Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey'"

Also, "Ambushin' Bastard" featuring Neil Young and Willie Nelson (Rhapsody link)

*A synchrotron is not an atom-smasher at all, I know, but it is fun to say.

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