Friday, May 7, 2010

A premature review of Reality Hunger: A Manifesto

David Shields, Reality Hunger: A Manifesto (2010, Amazon)

I started reading Reality Hunger on the Kindle sample because all the other cool kids are reading it and it
  • is a set of 600 pithy lists and bite-size chunks about information
  • is a think-aloud blog in book form for the blog-resistant
  • activates the same warm lightbulb in your brain as does Nietzsche's aphorisms in Beyond Good and Evil and Wittgenstein's fragment books
  • would be better with bullet points but I get and utilize myself the cram together heft of semicolon abuse
  • might be the perfect iPhone, lemme-read-something-for-just-a-second book
  • makes me a little jealous that I didn't do this myself
  • is designed to make you jealous that you didn't do it yourself
  • is not as sexy as that Padgett Powell book made entirely out of questions
  • is not as sexy partly because Powell isn't completely against his book being a novel
  • is something else
  • is more a manifest than it is a manifesto
  • will blow the mind of impressionable undergrads
  • is the kind of book that makes you want to outdo it when reviewing it
  • has value because of that alone.
Above, an exquisite corpse monster from coffee last weekend.

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  1. I still need to do a proper post on the book, but my first impressions are very much the same as what you drew in just a few pages.

    You have hipped me to the Padgett Powell book. It doesn't seem familiar.