Thursday, May 20, 2010

classification: Z

The Whitefield Brothers, Earthology (2010, Rhapsody)

I spent the day learning how to apply a rubric in order to systematically assess the value of an educational unit, but am bookending it before and after with the exquisite fake-ass cosmofunk wonderbread of the Whitefield Brothers just so the sandwich of the day tastes like something. Speaking of sandwiches, adding jalapeño to one's club at Louie's is a good idea.

It was Maya's last day at her current school which is bittersweet; the school she's attending in the fall has their act together to a higher degree but I'll miss walking to school every day. The new one is in biking distance, so we will adjust our rubric accordingly.

♫ The Whitefield Brothers, "Safari Strut" (Rhapsody)

I'm gonna pick up my office a little before the crew from Hoarders shows up.

Our class was taught in the husk of the former satellite library (servicing library students, an actual meta-library) where 480+ 240+ moons ago I had my first student job. I may have gotten busy up in that loft among the obscure library journals once. Library of Congress classification: Z.


  1. Like/don't love Whitefield Bros. Wish all those grooves, retro textures and world instruments were playing something other than library music. There's a reason why Christgau's favorite track is the Mal Waldron piece - it's the closest to an actual composition instead of just a groove and a mood and a toybox full of foreign instruments.

  2. I hear you. I liked the microwaved R&B of "In the Raw" better than this album's ez-cheese exotica, for what it's worth.