Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hang (like a noose does the neck of the condemned)

Harvey Milk, A Small Turn of Human Kindness (forthcoming, streaming at NPR)

It would have been nice to be informed how much the music of hoary doom metal practitioners Harvey Milk lines up with my taste for glacier-paced sonic brutality by one of you demon types around which I hang (like a noose does the neck of the condemned) than the buttoned-down, low-culture slummers* at Nation Goddamn Public Radio. Thank you NPR, even though your guy's Charley Patton comparison is a bit of a stretch; no thanks to you, Satan.

Image from the field trip Global Wildlife Center.

*One of which I would gladly be, should a position open up. Just sayin'. How cute would the story about a blogger mildly criticizing public radio one day becoming one of its rising new voices the next sound on All Things Considered? Super cute, I think. Did I mention I have a great radio voice? I have a great radio voice.

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  1. NPR has a bona-fida metal aficionado on staff these days. Through a mutual friend, he's going to stream the next Thou record on NPR's website. Harvey Milk is awesome! Check out Life...the Best Game in Town.