Wednesday, May 12, 2010

slumming it in teenage nowhere

Section 15, From the Hip Live - In the Flesh
(2001, Rhapsody)

The beauty of postpunk industrial music is that it is nowhere music, identifiable because we are all slumming it in teenage nowhere, man and yet we are someplace of some meager sort and nowhere music makes us feel veritably existent in comparison. So I thought "who's the most nowhere-music-playing industrial band I can think of" and came up with Factory Records b-listers Section 25, only to find out they recorded a 1985 live album in little old Baton Rouge, right at the tail end of the golden era of nowhere music. We must've been someplace back then!

Anybody know where they played? Did Tächsläge open up for them? There are really no hilltops to look from here. Maybe that's why it sounds their hearts were not in it, though, it was the style to not have hearts back then.

♫ Section 25, "Looking From A Hilltop (Live Baton Rouge 2.2.1985)" (Rhapsody)

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