Monday, May 3, 2010

smashing flowers frozen in liquid nitrogen

Word Wars (2004, official site)
Breaking Bad (2010, AMC)

Media announcement: If you saw an announcement for Christian Science musician and visual artist Alex Cook performing yesterday in Madison, WS, and were wondering, it was not me. Nor am I this guy I just came across on the sadly shuddering (link; they've suspended embedding, also people are always trying to put an "e" on my name) though it sounds like the kind of wordy, loop-pedal kinda thing I might do if left to pursue those devices.

I love the guys in Word Wars, though you should not play computer Scrabble afterward because it will only highlight how much you suck. Also, without having seen the most recent two episodes of Treme to see if it starts going somewhere, I'll call Breaking Bad the best thing going on TV right now. So unlikeable and piteous are the people in this imagined Albuquerque; we the audience stand on the clouds like spectral bystanders watching the world almost fall apart but for the temporary suspension of hubris through the strength of ego and precise titration of the base elements that hopefully create a crystalline transparency we desire. But everything always ends up a little clouded. Good stuff, this show.

The images above are of the clean room from the synchrotron, which reminded me immediately of Walt's pristine meth lab in Breaking Bad.

Here is Maya and her friend smashing flowers frozen in liquid nitrogen at the open house

and here they are dancing around to my good friends and neighbors, the Roebucks, at Fest-For-All (around the 3:00 mark).

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  1. Oh I loved seeing Maya so sweetly and unselfconsciously dancing around and hearing her bigger-girl voice! And you are also sweet trying to be sure her more timid friend gets some foliage to smash.
    traci j