Monday, May 3, 2010

still don't know the name of this song

Max Tannone, Mos Dub (2010, here)
The Roebucks at FestForAll, Baton Rouge, 2010 (my YouTube channel)

Hey, I'm a white person, and in that capacity, like Mos Def. The Stuff White People Like website doesn't really address the white liking of dub music (possibly because nobody but me and braindead narcotics addicts like dub music), though they do discuss the white liking of Bob Marley, which is about as reggae as most people are willing to go, if that far. Anyway, white people and those passing for them might join me in liking Mos Dub, Mos def songs set to reggae beats. If you need a whiter recommendation than mine, I got hipped to this by a Boing Boing listing on my RSS feeder, which is the whitest way you can find about anything.

On the finery of whiteness tip, here are a couple more videos of my old rockabilly roommates, neighbors and good friends the Roebucks playing at FestForAll. I've known them for some 20 years now and still don't know the name of this song, but it is one of my favorites of theirs, right after "Guided Missile (Straight to my Heart)"

"I'm Coming Home" is pretty tight as well, unlike my camera skills. I need a tripod I think.


  1. In the early 1980s, the promoters who booked punk shows always played dub as the pre-show music. I used to love how it created an entirely new environment & took everybody outside their world and into one where it wasn't clear what the song was or if there even was a song at the heart of it. I still have a lot of affection for "Curse of the Vampire" and the Scientist album it comes from, Scientist Rids the World of the Curse of Evil Vampires (or something like that).

  2. Love me some Scientist, esp those comic book album covers. When I was a KLSU DJ in the late 80's I put on some Scientist single at the same time as Black Flag's "Family Man" and it synced up perfectly. I got enough calls about it that I made a cart of it and put it in regular rotation on my show.