Friday, May 7, 2010

like the crust on that cornbread

The Millennium, Pieces (1967, Rhapsody)
Various Artists, Mississippi Records Tape Series , Vol 13: Beautiful Dynamite! (unclear, ROOT BLOG)

Today is going about as good as possible: I got some good news on a story of mine, got some nasty banking business under control which involved the giddy tension of walking a mile with all my money broken out into a gangster stack of large bills in my pocket, I saw a guy flying a kite while riding a bike on the parade grounds on the way back, and I had the above veggie plate from Zeeland Street Market for lunch with my best girl.

The aura around me right now is thick and tasty like the crust on that cornbread.

I'm as jaunty as a 1967 drug/meadow jam with a harpsichord prelude.

The Millennium, "Prelude" (Rhapsody)
The Millennium, "To Claudia on Thursday" (Rhapsody)

Happy weekend, all! From Beautiful Dynamite!, the Ikettes!

The Ikettes, "Peaches and Cream"

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