Monday, August 24, 2009

where the ass-kicking took place

Dwight Twilley Band - Live from Angora (listen) When I approach a new workweek in the rare good-time-rock 'n' roll mood, it bodes well to find succor in an album with a unpolished cover like that. Look at those dudes! That is rock 'n' roll. The guy on the right is likely on his third try of "No... look tough..." from the photographer while Dwight Twilley maintains his ice cold high-school dropout allure. The record behind the cover kicks all kinds of ass, all the way from Mr. Twilley's hometown of Tulsa to the Agora Theatre in Cleavland where the ass-kicking took place.

Trio - Da Da Da (listen) The Road from Tulsa to Großenkneten is a rocky one, so much so that there isn't one. But Trio is my all-time favorite party music, hence its a good thing I don't have parties. "Boom Boom" is rock 'n' roll all the way

and "Da Da Da" is simply the greatest song and video ever

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