Saturday, August 22, 2009

sandwich indicator

sandwich indicators, originally uploaded by real_voodooboy.
The leisurely, detailed construction of these sandwiches, whose
ingredients were largely sourced by a trip to the farmer's market, indicates a level of having-act-togetherness that I rarely enjoy on the weekends: all the anticipated checks arrived, I have no assignments on my docket, the car repairs were easily managed and resolved before this luncheon commenced.

I also discovered my copy of Our Noise: the Story of Merge Records arrived yesterday awaiting my perusal and I have a Werner Herzog movie to watch. I am kicking ass on the crptoquote iphone app I downloaded last night while taking Maya and a friend to the new Harry Potter movie.

There was leftover cobbler from desert last night. A slight breeze is lending today's August humidity a whisper of Spring. I hear the mail arriving as I type this. Here's hoping there are no terminal punctation marks to this leisurely run-on sentence of a day hiding therein.

Edited to add: it was a Krautrock reissue disc. Happy day continues!

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  1. Leftover cobbler? That is just the icing, man. The icing to a pretty sweet life.