Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mixed Grill Tandoori at the Himalayas, Baton Rouge

Powers that be, please explain why they are putting a Little Caesers up in that old gas station next to Calandro's within half a mile of two actual good local pizza places (those being Rotolo's and Fluer De Lis) and not opening some sort of Tandoori Hut kind of thing, for this feast at the Himalayas has me convinced I need ready access to all sorts of tandoori-ed meats, all the time. On a whim, in the rain, etc. Whatever that lamb sausage thing in there was, it barely edged out the competition on this platter for best thing I ever ate.

Wrap the meat and peppers with aromatic rice in naan like I did and call it "Indian Tacos" if that helps sell it. Do what you must to make this happen.

Also, while I'm making suggestions, I'd like Maharajah beer, co-sponsor of this love letter to my just-eaten dinner, available at this new Tandoori Hut y'all should put in. F a bunch of Little Caesers.

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  1. You should also emphasize that it's not healthy to help sell it. & You didn't mention the other nearby pizza* place, Domino's.

    * not pizza