Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the softer side of things that hurt

Earth - Pentastar: In the Style of Demons
(listen) All-time best album name ever, close to best album cover ever, and just the right kind of fuzz magma that my poor tired brain can handle. Thanks to the nefarious agents of The Cargo Culte for reminding me to listen to this record.

Minsk - With Echoes in the Movement of Stone (listen) I was into their 2005 record reviewed here. This more recent one seems less nuanced, but provided the powerhose blast I needed right now.

Swans - Children of God/World of Skin (listen) Swans was my heavy metal when I was too much of a snob to listen to heavy metal. These two albums - the first a concept album about the cult of the same name, the second a split LP from Jarboe and Michael Gira - are really the softer side of Swans, which is like saying that getting a phonebook thrown at you is the softer side of things that hurt.

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