Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a Guns 'N' Roses level of apostrophe action

Super Chikan - What You See (listen) I'm a little bummed I missed a rare appearance by Delta alchemist Super Chikan in Baton Rouge. I'll get over it, but man... It's a reminder to remain ever vigilant.

Blues yodeling. I don't like to miss a thing like that.

J. Monque'D - Chitlin' Eatin' Music (listen) There's a Guns 'N' Roses level of apostrophe action going on there. A friend who has a good ear for such things contends that omnipresent Louisiana entertainer J. Monque'D (pronounced "Jay Monkey Dee") is the worst blues singer of all time, which only serves to make me like him a little more. Like, who did he beat out for that title? What do you have to do to be the worst? J. ain't all that bad; I can appreciate the direct gush of information here that you can't always find in a blues song.

Clifton Chenier - Bayou Blues (listen) There are few if any faults to be found with Clifton Chenier.


  1. J Monque D makes my stomach churn. He used to always wear a purple "Big Shot" soda shirt and speak nonsensical drunk talk. Not that I've never spoken nonsensical drunk talk, but his was usually interrupting private functions or other peoples' spotlights.

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