Wednesday, August 12, 2009

o music

This really did not start out to be an "O" playlist. I had the Gillian Welch song in my head while working last night, saw the Zorn CD at the record store, and Oneida popped up in the blog slog this morning. "O" K?

Gillian Welch - Soul Journey - My only conceivable complaint about this record is that it is to short and there have been no albums by them since it came out in 2003. This is the song

John Zorn - O'o - Lounge rock in the style of Martin Denny, the Ventures, the Flaming Lips, named for an extinct Hawaiian bird whose song will no longer be heard. Profoundly gorgeous music. I will probably be saying more about this soon.

Oneida - Rated O (listen) I'm not even sure what to say about this but "wow," or maybe even an "OH WOW!" Like one of the lala commenters, I've never really given this band a try, but so far this is staggering, confounding and comforting all at once. The most accurate way to describe this album might be: like when you listen to the lawnmower long enough that you start to understand the secrets it has been desperately trying to reveal to you all this time then, all of a sudden, just at the point where man-machine enlightenment is about to be attained, it runs out of gas and the rip cord snaps and you are left with half a mowed yard and the sound of Nothing.

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  1. Man, where IS Gillian Welch these days? "Wrecking Ball" was a helluva note to go out on, but come on, why go out?