Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Camp Good Times"


Scenes from the last 48 hours.

(1) This sign across the road from Glenda's Creole Kitchen points to "Camp Good Times," which is where I feel I've been spending my time. Who wants to shoot at the "Camp Good Times" sign? (2) Glenda's is worth the drive. I couldn't choose between okra & shrimp and the catfish coubillion, so I opted for both. My sole regret of the last two days is that they were out of sweet dough pies. (3) The yard got mowed by a dude down the street and the Gomphrena globosa, also known as "Bachelor's Buttons," is going gangbusters, so much so that it freezes monarch butterflies in their fluttery tracks. (4) The pink pool table at St. Rose Tavern isn't even in the top ten most entertaining things in the bar, but (5) the cheese & pickapeppa appetizer might be. Humble yet weirdly daring and elegant in its presentation. Their roast beef poboys are so godlike that they can barely be captured by modern photographic means. I ate cold leftovers after and it was just as good.

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