Thursday, May 26, 2011


Ezekiel's wheel over the pool

The B-52's, Wild Planet
The Beatles, Abbey Road
Smash Mouth, All Star Smash Hits
The Reignng Sound, Time Bomb High School
Luke Haines, Das Capital: The Songwriting Genius of Luke Haines and the Auteurs
Badly Drawn Boy, The Hour of the Bewilderbeast
Treme, Season 2
Black Francis, Bluefinger

Someone at the record store loves the B-52's. Somebody in my house loves Abbey Road. That same somebody got an Amazon gift card for her birthday and wants to get a record player with it, because she is a natural born hipster. Somebody can't wait to train his daughter in the fine art of record shopping, for its one of the few specialist skills he has to offer. Somebody at the pool liked Smash Mouth so much they played a whole Smash Mouth album from their laptop. Somebody has a whole Smash Mouth album on their laptop. Think about that. I mean, maybe if you owned a t-shirt shop at the beach... Somebody on twitter bought Time Bomb High School because I won't stop the hard sell until their version of "Stormy Weather" is recognized as the official version, much in the way Bobby Darin's is for "Mack the Knife". Somebody is trying to remember if he likes the Autuers. Somebody does. Somebody probably regrets having picked "Badly Drawn Boy" as his nickname. Somebody doesn't about "Black Francis"; it sounds better with each passing day.

Media: Somebody has stuff in the new issue of OffBeat: a review of the Help's Keep the Beat, a review of Dickie Landry's Fifteen Saxophones, and a little gush of praise for Guitar Wolf who play at Siberia in New Orleans on June 8.

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