Monday, May 9, 2011

Liza Minelli on "Heroin"

Lamb riblets

Bass Drum of Death, GB City
Reigning Sound, Time Bomb High School 
Jason Isbell, Here We Rest
Bruce Springsteen, Born To Run
Lou Reed, Rock 'n' Roll Animal
New York Dolls, Seven Day Weekend

The river is high and only getting higher and 2006's Time Bomb High School is my favorite album of 2011 (that version of "Stormy Weather" has everything) and I don't know why I don't go Born to Run when I go Bruce because it is howling jingle-bell grace against everything and jeez, why didn't they give Lou Reed a Vegas show in 1974, just let him go all Liza Minelli on "Heroin" (in 2 parts) for an hour at the Sands and out on a sharp bend in St. James parish, Our Lady of Prompt Succor's parking lot was bursting at the seams proclaiming "It's Mothers Day" on its press-letter sign and David Johansen was going "Trash! Pick it up!" in my ears when I got to the Wal-Mart to get extra keys made and the gal there was sweeping up with the little gate to the key-making area trying to close, actually picking up the trash, and I'd've felt bad except a week ago the same gal reptile stared me down as she handed over the tire pressure gauge they'd just broken off my tire so yeah, no hard feelings, just give me my keys.

Goat shanks. My buddy John knows what to do with the cheap cuts

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