Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Art punk fixes everything.

There is a flickering light in the stairwell that synced right up with the one in my head.

Art Brut, Brilliant! Tragic!
The Mekons, The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strnen
Talking Heads, The Name of This Band is Talking Heads

Everything seemed to be going astray today - lights were flickering, people were dropping anchor, icebergs moving faster than they are supposed to, one thing slips from the steady hand while another lands in an iron grasp, and I'm apparently going to hell on top of it - then this song came on and it all got better.

The Mekons, "After Six." Art punk fixes everything.

The other momentary cessation of madness - this one with the long legs turns ten today. I'm really just that guy with the vest on the tarmac, waving those little cones at the soaring jet of a daughter Maya is. I'm proudest to simply still be employed at her airline after all these years.

Back to flickering - is it wrong of me to find humor in the fact that we will one day all be driven mad by the flickering shadows of wind turbines? Is that really how we are going to go out?

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