Wednesday, November 26, 2008

[The Record Crate] Tryptophan Rock

It’s a tryptophan kind of week this week – tryptophan being the chemical present in turkey that causes even the most active of human to find the nearest recliner and snooze through a football game. But should the sweet turkey dope wear off and you suddenly realize there is a reason you don’t spend the rest of the year crammed into one house with your extended family, there are some diversions awaiting you in area nightclubs and music halls.

One of my favorite new bands, An Empire at Sea, will unfurl their majestic instrumental sails at the North Gate Tavern with Secret Annexe in tow. Secret Annexe, by the way, released a rather excellent album of cover this past Election Day that is available for free download here. My innate snobbery draws me to any and all Daniel Johnston and Leonard Cohen covers, but my favorite is their strings-and-piano enhanced take on Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mr. Crowley.”

Cohen and his Ghost entourage have promised the upgraded products of his comprehensive muse to be delivered during their set, opening for Righteous Buddha at Chelsea’s.

And should the holiday take a toll on not just your waistline but your soul as well, former Fat Possum blues powerhouse Lil Dave Thompson will be around on Monday to shake the timbers loose out at Teddy’s Juke Joint. So really, overindulge this week. Tap into your pleasure zone. Give back some of the love you get. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, Nov. 26

Mike Foster Project at Chelsea’s

Thursday, Nov. 27

Black Sound Parade at Chelsea’s

Friday, Nov. 28

Six Pack Deep at Spanish Moon

Red Stick Ramblers at Chelsea’s

An Empire at Sea, The White Horse, Tabernacle and Secret Annexe at North Gate Tavern

Donna Angelle & The Zydeco posse at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux’s

Saturday, Nov. 29

Righteous Buddha and Cohen & The Ghost at Chelsea’s

Here is Why, Peter Simon, and Luke Ash at north Gate Tavern

The Anteeks at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux’s

Monday, Dec. 1

Lil Dave Thompson at Teddy’s Juke Joint

Tuesday, Dec. 2

Wilderness and San Serac at Spanish Moon


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