Monday, November 24, 2008

Not saying there is a direct correlation...

... but wasn't it around the time Peter Gabriel released Passion, a sorta-soundtrack for The Last Temptation of Christ coming on the tail of his improbably huge album So, and started using the little rainbow strip on the left corner of his album covers that he went from being The Big Innovator of Pop Music to publicly irrelevant, only getting wheeled out every couple of years so that people can say "Oh Peter Gabriel...yeah, he was....hmmm....did we really like 'Sledgehammer' that much?"

I am an unapologetic Kanye fan, and was one for old Pete in my formative years, but on first listen, I'm not really getting his new record. I think Kanye was peculiarly adept at making compelling pop music out of the raw materials of hip-hop, but not so much when he makes it from scratch.

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