Friday, November 21, 2008

open a tuba whoopass

Thanks to some very famous pink elephants, the mighty tuba is generally thought to be a jolly, happy instrument

Jesús Jara will relieve you of the illusion. On this album (lala) of complex tuba and electronic compositions, the king of brass becomes a whale lurking in the inky water of modernity, occasionally coming to the surface but more often acting as an impossibly huge shadow gliding by in the deepest level still perceptible from the surface. His tuba becomes a subconscious to these works, where the tremors of its presence through the complimentary electronics becomes the physical manifestation of the the whole. The listing on lala does not say who composed what, but even across these composers, Jara finds a common thread.

Jara performs his own Profitfürfabi with a video by Daniel Lupión

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