Saturday, February 16, 2008

Three Things

  1. I am very pleased with my awesome new tea-bagging technique (oh, wait, I get it now...) utilizing a coffee filter and mad folding skillz and my Valentine's present of a Damien Hirst "For the Love of God" knock-off-designed teapot. We found a proper English tea room place about an hour from here, brazenly titled The English Tea Room, so tomorrow we are going for a luncheon of scones and clotted cream and their "Russian Country" blend which is a mix of Chinese and Indian teas with Lapsang and/or some kind of ambrosial vanilla/hazelnut/lemon/white tea concoction.
  2. My computer is rife with corruption and I am going to reformat the bastard this week, and am tempted to go Vista even though it is the popular conception that Vista gives you cancer and kills babies with your data. In its defense, it has that pretty bubble screensaver. I teach with it, and in my experience it works pretty well, so we'll see.
  3. The new book is coming along nicely. I gathered up all the bits and pieces into one document to see what it looks like and it comes out to 18,404 words. It's about music and will prove to be a funny, insightful, narcissistic memoir/critical materwork that suprpasses my former book in all those vectors. All I'm lacking is a good title. I plugged in "Needle on the Record" as a placeholder, and was shocked to see that no one has published a book with that title, at least on Amazon. The title "Dust on the Needle" is tempting now that I look at it, though.


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