Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The "Party Shuffle Mode" Knows Best

random songs from your playlist as soundtrack for a movie:

Opening credits:
Bardo Pond - "Lost Word" - it's a cool moody psyche opener, but it's making the movie seem like an IFC murder mystery - all mood and no stabbin'
Waking up: Nirvana - "Dumb" - this is my everyday waking up, singsong melody, stubbing my toe and all.
First day at school: Sonic Youth - "Androgynous Mind"- confused racket at first then quickly builds up into nonsensical angst
Falling in love: Nick Drake - "Know" - This is a wry Alan Ball choice - sentimental but puzzled by the whole thing.
Fight song: Patsy Cline - "Why Can't He Be You" - This syrupy torcher would be a hilarious tune for a big bar fight with tables being thrown and a mechanical bull running amok in the background
Breaking up: Sunn O))) - "Her Lips Were Wet With Venom" - This track sounds like steam blowing through a rust-hole in the pipe, exactly like that. I mean, I think they recorded it using a rusty steam pipe. Unwavering and pissed, just like love in dissipation.
Life: Daniel Johnston - "Never Die" - kinda sounds like shit, but the sentiment is dead on. I mean, what defines life more succinctly than not dying.
Mental breakdown: Shellac - "Boche's Dick" - I'd hope my eventual mental breakdown would occur with the rapid velocity and gun-maker's precision that occurs in a Shellac song.
Driving: Charley Patton - "All Night Long Blues" - It's a touch happy-go-lucky for driving music, but it'll do. Like if my VW bus was being shown putt-putting through Town Square, USA
Flashback: Black Dice - "Drool" - It's the kind of song a stupid person would describe as "like being on a bad acid trip" so sure
Wedding: Flaming Lips - "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell" Sweet enough of a song, but that is terrible omen of a title for a song celebrating two peoples' embarking on a life journey together.
Birth of child: Kraftwerk - "Techno Pop" - I bet it's cold and rhythmic when you first poke your soft head out of there.
Final battle: John Lennon - "Well Well Well" - I almost hit next, but hesitated. This is a great battle song, starting off slow and veering off into screams and tangles
Death scene: Lucinda Williams - "Everything has Changed" - like the Daniel Johnston song earlier, Lucinda Williams should be applauded for her understatement in illumnating a topic, pitting death as everything has changed. Damn skippy, it has
Funeral song: Uncle Tupelo - "Cold Shoulder" - kind of a gothy number for UT. Jeff Tweedy hadn't quite figured out what to do with his voice back then, and I'm not sure Jay Farrar ever did
End Credits: ISIS - "Over Root and Thorn" - ISIS is pretty much only good for closing credits and extended surfing scenes, which would be cool for your closing credits, no matter what the movie is about.

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