Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Cypress Goddesses of Cat Island

My friend Terry took me and his friend Josh out to Cat Island to view the 300+ yo cypress trees that thrive there. The forest is the primeval kind that you half expect a giant long necked dinosaur to rise out of the treeline. The trail is easy but the woods are tick and ominous, inducing the kind of anxiety that's good for you, that reminds me I spend too much time hermetically sealed. There are hundreds of amazing trees like these cropping around at each turn. The light was perfect out there, enough so that camera phone pictures came out cool. The wet surface of the trees looked like skin and each one was a riot of breasts and mouths and vulvas and headless torsos. Some had grottos that I wanted to hole up in and not emerge until I knew something.

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  1. Great pic of you and Terry. Or should I call you Bilbo and Gandalf?