Friday, November 23, 2007

I am Thankful for the Gifts of Meat in My Life

Yesterday, for Thanksgiving dinner:
  • Honeybaked(tm) Ham
  • Smokey turkey breast
This morning, at tailgating:
  • Bacon and eggs fried in a propane skillet in the cold air
  • Fresh deer steaks - one of the guys that John tailgates with met some guys from north Louisiana at the Wal-Mart this morning and invited them over to their spot, and these guys had fresh deer, killed the night before, that they breaded and fried on a propane skillet. Best thing I have ever eaten ever possibly without the vaguest hint of hyperbole. The above picture is a fried egg and deer steak sandwich, yo. This is what slain Vikings snack upon while seated in Valhalla.
  • Chili cooked in a giant wood-fire chili pot
  • Bloody mary. Technically not meat, but its drinks like a meat.
And the party this evening promises:
  • Pecan-crusted rack of lamb
  • Smoked pheasant
  • Pork sausage marinated in oil of truffle, smoked to perfection


  1. “Bloody mary. Technically not meat, but its drinks like a meat.” Actually, Alex, since Worcestershire contains Anchovies when you drink a Bloody Mary you are drinking meat.

  2. True... no wonder it fit so perfectly with the rest of this culinary bloodbath

  3. Yesterday I had 2 varieties of sausage and some hearty bacon slices with breakfast, yum-yum turkey and roast pork loin with dinner. My uncle is a chef, so family dinners are always coma inducing-if not from the food, from the family drama that ensues.

  4. My friend Brian had his brother-in-law & cousin and some friends of theirs in town from north Louisiana. It's likely they had fresh deer meat with them, and I'm pretty sure last night they said they were going to Wal-mart this morning. Not that I'd think they were the only north Louisianans packing deer meat and shopping at Wal-Mart before the game today.