Monday, November 5, 2007

Excellent Mockery, Onion Style

The image on the left is from this recent piece from The Onion on the preciousness of tea-drinkers, and the one on the right is me with my tea* while reading that article. Jerri remarked that I managed to look surprised, even though I was taking my own picture with my phone for this express purpose, which I think drives the point home perfectly. Notice how the Fiesta-ware saucer matches the Euro-70's mug Jerri's mom gave me from when they were stationed in Germany. No, really, notice it.

*Sencha green tea from this little international store. I actually like to start out with something a little gamier lately, like Lapsang Souchon or Irish breakfast tea, and then move through green and white tea as the day progresses.


  1. Not just surprised, but also faintly annoyed at the interruption...

  2. Points for Team Tea!
    "Oh, hello there! I'm Alex V. Cook. You might remember me from educational films such as 'Perversion for Profit ', 'Soapy the Germ Fighter', and 'VD Attack Plan'."