Sunday, July 15, 2007

Puffy Hearted Awesome Mix CD #1

This was a mix CD requested Annie Osborne, hostess of the 15th mostness.

Click here to pull up an iMix (of most of the songs) from the iTunes for you iListening iPleasure

Bright Eyes "Four Winds" - I think Conor Oberst has hist his songwriting peak now that he just passed his sexual peak.

Jason Isbell "Shotgun Wedding" - Former Drive-By Trucker strikes out in his first solo CD. he coudl be the ur-Tom Petty if he chooses to

Patti Smith "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - I didn't want to like Patti Smith's new album of cover tunes, and largely, I don't, but she totally nails this one with her immacculate manner of cliche-twisting. I even like the spooky poet part at the end. If I didn't know this was Patti Smith, I would've said, "Why can't Patti Smith do shit like this anymore?"

Spoon "Little Black Cigarette Case" - I dunno bout Spoon. They are the emperor's vintage clothes store assistant managers now, but this is catchy song. I predict a full on 311-style mess of a reggae album form them soon, so get it it while its hot.

Townes van Zandt "Don't Take it Too Bad" - I fucking love Townes Van Zandt

Jerry Jeff Walker "London Homesick Blues" - I've always kinda liked JJW's songs but just recently started listening to his actual recordings. He's a little heavy on the orchestration, but they are great songs.

Twilight Singers "The Lure Would Prove Too Much" - When I think of someone who is a glorious sleaze, I say Mickey Rourke should play him in the movie. Greg Dulli should play Mickey Rourke in the movie.

T Model Ford "Cut You Loose" I did a piece on him for Gambit a year ago where he said "I'm gonna learn you motherfuckers something about the blues" and he does.

Bonnie Prince Billy "One For The Birds" - This song came on shuffle the other day and I listened to it three times. I love his lists of birds

The Black Keys "Your Touch" - Magic Potion is not my favorite Black keys album, but these guys totally nail it here. Please, bands of Earth, all ya'll rock out like the Black Keys every once in a while. Please!

The Chameleons "Nostalgia" - This is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Feist "1234" - The video for this simple little song is an uplifting lotus of joy.

Calexico "Not Even Stevie Nicks" - They totally ripped this song a new asshole at Jazz Fest and made me reconsider the brilliance of this group.

The National "Apartment Story" - They just released their second best record "Boxer", which means its the second best records by anybody since The Queen is Dead. And the first time I ever talked to Annie at length, it was about this band when we saw them at Red Star.

Brazzaville "Jesse James" - You have never heard of Brazzaville because no one has, but you will love their ez-cheeze LA breeze summer patio splendor

The Zincs "The Mogul's Wives" - See above except that The Zincs are bitter Chicagoans.


  1. exciting! will try to napster these as soon as I get to work.

  2. P.S.: those Osbornes get surly when you insert a "u" in there. They don't like people to think they're related to Ozzy (even though we all know that they are.)

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  4. duly noted and corrected, lest they run off barking at the moon in fury