Sunday, July 15, 2007

Flesh for Furby!!

My daughter has a rekindled interest in her long forgotten Furby, mostly because Furby talks in baby-talk and baby talk is just about the only kind of foolishness to which I cannot cotton.

So when we were going some place the other day and I told her Furby could not come with us because he roams the house in the night, seeking human flesh, and birthed a new car game Flesh for Furby

Here are some of the unspeakable things she came up with that a Furby does in the night:

  • Furby walks around at night like a zombie saying "furby flesh....furby flesh..."
  • Furby sneaks in at night and pulls open your eyelids and pecks out your eyes!
  • Furby bites off your fingers and fries them up to make people fingers!
  • Furby rips out your throat, cracks open your head and uses your throat as a straw to suck your brains out!
So in some, not only have I failed in curtailing the baby talk thing, but now have imbibed this cursed creature with a sinister nocturnal hunger for The Forbidden Prey! Consider yourself warned.

(Edit - It pleases me that the default bullet points have me recounting Furby's crimes with decorative flower accents)


  1. I wish I had read this before brunch, I would have loved to talk to her about Flesh for Furby!

  2. Natalie referred me to this post; I read your blog intermittently but this one was a "must do"...

    My freshly seven-year-old Lucy credits all sorts of nonsense to objects both animate and inanimate.

    Come to think of it, my sister and I do, too.

  3. Nonsense? Look that furby in the eye and tell me his sharp little beak has never tasted blood....

  4. I suggest you introduce both the Furby and your Daughter to Ling Ling, an owl-like creature who spreads love and not death and destruction.


    We had to throw away Lucy's vinyl "Froggy" backpack because it kept threatening to eat her. Granted, I was the one who made up the voice and fiddled around with the zipper so it resembled a glistening maw, but still...the trash? And we love us some frogs-n-toads 'round here.

  5. We have Totoro in our lives, so it offers a balancing of the elements. Right now, though, it's all Pokemon all the time with her. I frankly don't know how Furby managed to slip through, unless he sneaks over and whispers "you LOVE Furby" over and over while she sleeps.