Friday, July 6, 2007

OA Draft Complete!

Now for a week of obsessive write-throughs and then I can finally move on with the business of becoming famous. I am not at liberty to say in an intenert-searchable forum about whom I am writing, but I'm surprised that after three weeks of almost solid listening, I'm still finding new things in the work of this particular artist.

Which is the thing I like about music. All art forms hit you based on mood, but the fact that you have to be physically shaken by sound for it to register makes it a much more active art than others. And because we are, as a species, rather lousy at hearing, that the little bones and flap of cartlidge that pick up these sounds is a shockingly primitive mechanism compared to the gooey mystery of the eye or the hidden million points of touch needling under our skin, I think we pick up on different things with subsequent listens. Much in the same way our brain fills in the gaps in vision, I think it stores the resonant frequencies that make up the bulk of a song, allowing you to hear the new parts on repeats. It's also why hearing a song you love but haven't heard for a long time feels so good; you are retrenching those burned memories, sending fresh water down a dry conduit.

If you and I were sitting right here, right now, totally high, this would mean so much to us both.
You should watch this and repeat the above paragraph over and over (preferably in the bathroom where there is some echo) until I blow your freaking mind.

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  1. I totally feel you. This is exactly the way I felt when Hanson came out with "MMM Bop." I still remember when I saw past the amazing music and the full truth of the lyrics hit me...

    In an mmmbop... they're all gone!
    In an Mmmbop... they're not there!
    Mmmbop... until you lose your hair!
    But you don't care...