Monday, October 22, 2007

The Wire, October 2007 Issue

has hit the streets, containing my article on New Orleans for their monthly Global Ear section. Or rather, it has been on the streets in the UK and to subscribers, but its takes about a month to stores here. I just received my contributor copy this evening. The article looks great and they used a number of photos and everything.

The Wire is one of the magazines of which I tend to keep an issue around for ages, reading it in little spurts - a review here, an article there, ambiently until the cover comes off from either being trod upon at the side of my bed or steamed to paste from the shower. It is very difficult to process seeing my own name in it, among its regular contributors. Kinda like Artforum for music, except without the creepy interest in the business side of things.

But, if you have the slightest inclination toward adventurous music, The Wire contains consistently the finest quality writing about the subject, willing to step out of record crates and concert halls and see this music in a greater philosophical context, and I am honored to be a part of it.

If one more reference to Robert Wyatt (appearing on the cover) comes up today, like if he's a guest judge on America's Next Top Model or something, I will be sufficiently creeped out to go into hiding.

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