Friday, October 19, 2007

Alex Cook Trampolining

Alex Cook Trampolining - Front Flips

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I am way into trampolining, or "tramolining" as I accidentally put it in the closing credits (never make a typo on the internet or you risk becoming an ironic "YouTube star." Trust me, it is not as cool as you think. People coming up to you on the street saying "How's the 'tramolining?' all day. Grow up, people!)

I don't talk about my tram(p)olining a lot, though it is one of my greatest passions. The spring of the mat, the perfect moment when you either must do that front flip right now or not yet now, exhilarating. I still have trouble with my dismount as demonstrated on the video, but then I forgot to wear my grip socks that day, and if you had logged in as much mat-time as I have, you'd appreciate how slick those things are. Outside of that, my flips are the mack. I am comfortable saying so.

Still though, some guys (and girls, too) get all caught up in their form, but for me it's really about the air, the defiance of gravity, making the world spin around you for a second. It's like the difference between competitive surfing and being a "soul surfer." I am like both of those on the trampoline.

I guess I don't talk about all that much because all the other things I do are talk, and trampolining is all do. Perhaps one day I'll put it all together and write a book about trampolining, like be the Hunter S. Thompson of it, like he was for football. Or how George Will wrote that book about baseball, except you got the feeling he never really played baseball. There is something there, but for right now, I want to keep that part of my life pure.

Thanks to my boy Daniel Bishop for directing and his parents Sue and Ian for producing.

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