Friday, October 5, 2007

Portrait of the Artist

as a reorganized, action-oriented, goal-accomplisher!

I hijacked the old computer table from the living room, as well as the old computer and the printer and whatnot that had become a maddening Gehenna of tangled cords and dust and re-established them in the music room, which is now the master cylinder around which the house revolves.

I just referred to it as "my office" a minute ago which makes me cringe a little, but looking around at the window before me and the guitars on the wall to the left and posters and flyers behind me, it has the feel of a perfect stoner high school bedroom with a maturity upgrade, which is pretty much how my life can be described most of the time.

Part of this organization is one phase in a two-month Writing Plan, where I execute two new major projects, one in October and one in November, while continuing work on an ongoing third.

And I realize the hollow vanity of posting about Projects I Plan To Do and The Room in Which I Will Execute Them, but if blogs are about anything, they are about the inflation of hollow vanity into something, if only personally, glorious and useful.

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