Saturday, October 13, 2007

100 Words on How Awesome My Day Has Been So Far

Today I awoke in a giant silent house out in the middle of the woods only to pad out to the living room and find my daughter was occupied with the other kids attending this multi-family weekend, and that the owners of this house have very extensive and expensive tea habits so I got to enjoy a cup of exquisite imported Darjeeling as I lazily read parts of Ask the Dust only to look up and spy a trio of deer jetting across the pasture, after which I took said kids out for a swim in an icy life-affirming creek.


  1. adding to this - I am off to go see a Drive By Truckers acoustic show and may possibly have scored a a really good interview with a realy big band in a really cool magazine.

  2. aw, acoustic. my little boy should go with you. have a great time! drive safely!