Thursday, August 1, 2013

things recently eaten


Someone told me I hadn't posted enough food pictures lately, so here are some things recently eaten.

1) Smothered pork chops with rice and gravy, yams, greens and sweet tea from Dorothy's Soul Food Kitchen. 2) I had some of Maya's catfish as well. 3) An excellent roast beef poboy from Andrew's Food Mart. The left half was, at last report, still in my fridge. Andrew's is quickly becoming my favorite joint. 4) Fried oyster and grilled shrimp taco, polenta and charro beans from Coyote Blues. I always thought I didn't care for this place but I might be completely wrong about that.  5) By some momentary divine gift of restraint, I did not eat those 12 Golden Donut glazed donuts from Piggly Wiggly. I just found the photo on my phone. I like the cut of King Donut's jib.

Here is where they are.

View Dorothy's Soul Food Kitchen in a larger map

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