Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Let's go over to the business school!


I needed to get out of the office for a bit and offered to no one, "Let's go over to the business school!" which I thought still shared the dreary engineering master complex in which I found out with harshness as a sophomore that I was not to become an engineer. But, no! It's 1) a nice comfy, array of trim courtyards and sweeping reflection and Inspiration Architecture. 2) This part does look a little like the Hall of Doom, but the 3) view of the former through the latter is quite fetching. 4) The atrium is a smart swoop of tiered, tilted ovals that made me want to see what was in that hangy-down part. 5) It is their "Ideation Lab," where things are to be ideated in pricy office chairs. When I was in Silicon Valley, people were "ideating" all over the place. I want to ideate something in this place. I don't want to go to business school, but maybe I'll set up my laptop on one of their nice tables with the handily placed outlets and ideate a blog post. Plus, they have a coffee shop.

Edited to add: You can rename the Ideation Lab for a mere $100,000. If I won that huge PowerBall, I might pay an extra $50K to ensure it's called the Hangy Down Part.

This ran through my head as I made my way back.

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