Thursday, September 6, 2012

media dreams

OK, wow, Joe McPhee is working my inner monologue like a snake charmer.

Jessie Moynahin, Forming
Joe McPhee, Po Music: Topology (various tracks on YouTube)
Kawabata Makoto & Mani Neumeier, Samauri Blues
Tom Carter & Bardo Pond, 4/23/03
Sun Ra and his Arkestra, Media Dreams
John Cage, One6/One10 and Four4

And, whoa, Forming by the guy that does Adventure Time.  May Mithras be praised/feared.

And all respects to Sun Ra, I've been having media dreams of my own. I have to do an demo to a colleague's class (colleages) tomorrow where I'll build something like this thing.

and I had a upon-awakening-moment when I was all, How do I make the map tell the graph what to do?   and then I looked up a webinar that told me how. Webinar. This is what it's come to. What would John Cage have done, had he lived to his 100th birthday, if he had to do webinars about making maps talk to graphs?

John Cage's Atlas Eclipticalis performed by James Levine and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

John Cage performing Water Walk on the 1960 game show I've Got a Secret

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